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The successfully timeless classic

Advertising on metal has without a doubt always had a nostalgic touch and perhaps one could even say an almost mystical power of attraction. Whether your target group is 8 or 80 years old this holds true and you too can harness this power to get your message across.

The Secret of our Success

We think that the secret of our success as producers and service providers in the area of printing on metal and sheet metal working is that we are passionate about what we are best at: creating individual articles that work for our customers.


Our numerous clients from agencies and industry appreciate our experience and our creativity to transform their ideas into give-aways, packaging and advertising materials.

Get your message remembered

Make use of our facilities and our experience for the benefit of your product. What has kept people enthusiastic for more than 100 years, will certainly continue to keep its value in the future. Advertising with metal will also work for you. And your ideas will advertise successfully.

In safe hands

Before we start with the production, we can gladly provide you with a dummy made of plastic – and you will receive reference samples from every production step for your approval. So you are always on the safe side with us.

Material Selection & Implementation

We are very happy to advise you regarding suitable materials and present samples of these materials. We take care of tool making as well as the production by use of manual or machine processing.


Our Range of Products

Here is an overview of our already existing products. For more detailed information and examples move the cursor over the product and click on the name or this symbol